This is a survey about what types of health related research training you would you like to have available to you. DHP Research provides a range of health research training including workshops, seminars and1 to 1 mentoring. We want to make sure that we offer training to meet your needs. Thank you for taking time to complete this short survey.

Do you ever access any health research related training to meet your learning and development needs?

What type of health research related training do you access ? Tick appropriate.

Which of the following is your preferred delivery method of health research related training? Choose one option only

In any one working week how long would you be prepared to spend on the following health research related training activities
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Interactive webinars
E-Learning (On demand)
E-Learning (Interactive)
On-site face-to-face workshops/semimnars
Off site face-to face workshops/seminars

Please state which areas of health related research training you and or your team would benefit from? If none please state "None"

How likely would you register for one or more of the following E-Learning on demand 90 minute sessions with a 30 day access, down loadable handouts and 1-hour email consultation at an approximate cost of £85 ($130)? Tick as appropriate
Very likely Fairly likely Uncertain Fairly unlikely Very unlikely
Selecting the appropriate patient reported outcome (PRO) measure for your clinincal trial/reserach study
Health survey questionnaire design - from start to end
How to conduct focus group and in-depth one-to-one interviews
The application of cognitive interviewing in the development of patient reported outcome measures
How to report qualitative research findings
An introduction to patient reported outcome (PRO) measures
Implementing patient-reported outcomes assessment in clinical practice

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